Using a range of high quality hot and warm Kim Lawless wax tailored to your individual needs

Kim Lawless The Wax Queen
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               Brow tidy       

             (underneath)                     £8


               Brow shape

             (top and underneath)      £12


               Lip                                         £7


              Chin                                    £7


             Nostril                                 £8


            Under Arm                          £10

             Forearm                               £12

             Full arm                                £16

              1/2 leg                                £17

              3/4 leg                                £25



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Hollywood           £35

Brazilian               £35

Basic Bikini          £10

High Leg Bikini   £15

G String               £25




Intimate waxing is extremely popular!



I use Kim Lawless wax for all waxing, it is a premium wax developed by the

Wax Queen herself!


I do appreciate it can be a daunting experience if you have never

had intimate waxing before, or indeed are looking to have it done by another therapist but rest assured this is an extremely popular treatment that I carry out daily so you are in safe hands.


Using the finest hot wax, hair is removed quickly and effectively. We know it sounds a little scary, but if you want to be hair free, this is the way to do it!  This wax shrink wraps itself around the hair without sticking to the skin, making it a much more gentle and effective way of hair removal.


Once you have experienced intimate waxing with hot wax you will never go back to strip waxing again!


 Please arrive for your treatment clean and smelling nice or I may refuse to carry out your waxing.


How long does the hair need to be? ~ For best results you should let your hair grow for 4 weeks, 3 weeks at the least. If the hair is too short and some haven’t come through properly then they will only grow in after your wax and the results won’t last very long. So for the best results possible 4 weeks growth is best whichever way you have removed the hair previously.


How long should my wax last? ~ The results really depend on each individual person but usually you can get 3 weeks with minimal growth. It usually takes a few waxes to get the hair into a growth pattern that gives best results. Regular waxing will mean the hair grows in slower and sparser.


Please Remember If you're having intimate waxing, you'll need to be naked from the waist down to get a perfect wax,  Please don't feel embarrassed- I do this many times a day!


I use both hot and warm wax depending on which area I am doing.

I ALWAYS use hot wax for all bikini waxing including Hollywood and Brazilians.

(You might have heard of this being referred to as hard wax, it's just a

different name!)
















Intimate Wax Descriptions

Hollywood~butt crack/labia/all pubic hair 

Brazilian ~butt crack/labia/most pubic hair

Basic Bikini ~outside the basic knicker line

High Leg Bikini ~high sides/top

G-String ~high sides/top/butt crack