Permanent Make up

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"Never underestimate the power of a good brow!"

Permanent make up is a highly skilled procedure that implants pigment under the dermal layer of your skin both enhancing and creating symmetry to your brows. 

After gaining my level 4 qualification and completing my permanent training with internationally renowned Nouveau Contour / Karen Betts, I am now offering realism brows.   Hair stroke effects are created using the Nouveau Contour Digital Intelligent Machine.


This is an extremely popular treatment chosen by a variety of people including those with sparse brows, poor eye sight or unsteady hands (making make up application difficult), hair loss conditions, people who suffer with allergies and those who just want to feel more confident and save time each day.

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A consultation is carried out prior to any treatments where we can discuss your expectations thoroughly and ensure PMU is the right decision for you.  You will be given a patch test during the consultation and a medical form to complete.


Each stage of your PMU treatment is discussed together, including the finalised brow shape and the choice of pigment colour.  Only when we are both happy will the treatment begin.

I use only the best products  including the award winning KB Pro, flaxen infused pigment.

Some mild/moderate discomfort may be experienced during treatment but each person is different and  I have often been told it was much less than had been expected. 

PMU is a two part procedure and a top up will be required 4-6 weeks after your first treatment (this is included in the initial cost)

For and further information please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss any questions you may have  in more detail.




    Realism Brows                 £300            



         Colour boost


         9-11 months                       £150                                                             

        12-17 MONTHS                  £175                                                                

        18-23 MONTHS                   £250                               

        24+ MONTHS                      £300                                 

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