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Russian LASH Extensions

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What is the difference from the classic semi-permanent lashes to volume lashes?  Classic semi permanent lashes are 1 on 1. One false lash is attached to your natural lash (0.15-0.25 thickness) ... Volume lashes are 2-6 very fine, tiny lashes (0.7 thickness) on 1 natural lash. On a classic set around 70-100 lashes are applied on each eye, depending how many natural lashes you have. These are gorgeous, but for some people, very limited if you have fewer natural lashes or if you love a mega thick look. With Volume Lashes 240-450 are applied on each eye to get thickness and volume. The 2D-6D lashes take longer than classic lashes due to so many more lashes being applied – So treatment time is around 2 hours.

   Infills  are required every 2-3 weeks, rather than classic sets are every 2 weeks to keep them full. So if you want, fluffy, dramatic, thick lashes then Volume lashes are for you.



  Volume Lashes, also known as Russian lashes

    are a very popular choice here at Purity!

Russian Lashes

Full Set*                               £90

2 hours 15 mins

Half Set*                              £65

1 hour 15 mins



60 mins                                £37

45 mins                                £32

30 mins                                £25

* a patch test is required 24-48 hours prior to any treatment.

Classic Lash Extensions 

Classic semi permanent lash extensions are great for giving you longer, fuller, natural looking lashes with the added benefit of not having to wear mascara!

Each lash is individually applied to your own lash, perfect for all ages and lifestyles tailored individually for the look you desire!

Lashes need to be infilled every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full  and at their best but your lifestyle and the way in which you care for your lashes will also determine how long they last.

You will lose lashes due to your natural lash cycle and may be more aware when you have an extension attached but please be reassured that these lashes will NOT cause your lashes to fall out prematurely and will not cause damage your natural lash.


A 50% non refundable deposit is required to secure all classic and volume lash appointments

 Full Set*                                     £65

 1hour 30mins


 60 mins                                       £35


*     a patch test is required 24-48                  hours prior to any treatment.


Classic Lash